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it's always gin o'clock!

We love infusions, entertaining friends and family with some of the best concoctions around! It also helps to have so many amazing gins on the market coming from some very talented producers so come with us to discover some of the best around today!


We LOVE infusions!

Here at THE LOVE OF GIN we love discovering new and interesting infusions. Our creative pussycat Jazz loves spending hours creating new and interesting ideas with some of the best gins on the market. Luckily the industry has so many talented gin producers we are spoilt for choice so feel it only right we create some interesting recipes for everyone to use to inspire social gatherings.


We all love gin, agreed....
but everyone has different opinions and tastes so why not share those thoughts with gin makers?

We thought it would be interesting to create a central site to get feedback from everybody who loves gin, no matter who you are and what you like. Giving impartial positive or negative feedback is valuable to the makers and what better than to tell them direct?

Whether it be ideas for improvement, additional botanicals you feel may work, infusions you have found to be delicious or amazing recipes to help inspire others we want to hear from you!

Click on the link below to find gins that we've tried and tested, distillers tasting notes, maybe some history around each gin, links to where to buy etc and give us your comments on what you like/dislike but please try and keep all comments constructive so everyone benefits....

Together we can build a more connected industry...

Click on the articles below and leave us your comments and suggestions!