The Telegraph GIN Experience by Sophie Judd

Competition winner Sophie Judd attended the 2019 Telegraph Gin Experience and here is what she thought….

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What do you get if you take a stunning Georgian clubhouse within a green metropolitan oasis and fill it with over 50 unique and delicious gins from around the world?

You get the Telegraph Gin Experience. And that, my friends, equates to time very well spent.

This August I was lucky enough to tick off one of my bucket list’s longest standing items and attend London’s ultimate gin event, hosted at the Hurlingham Club. The Hurlingham Suite transforms into an apothecary of gin-based marvels adorned with more botanicals than even Mother Nature knew she could grow.

Sampling as many gins as possible, whilst remaining sober enough to remark convincingly upon the tasting notes of subtle local variations, demands a well thought out strategy. I know this only with the benefit of hindsight (ah, so that’s what those spittoon things were for...). Miraculously, my senses served me well enough to identify three wildly different but clear favorite bottles, which are now nestled amongst loyal friends Bombay Sapphire and Adnam’s Copperhouse atop the humble dresser in my Dulwich sitting room.

Here are my top three recommendations – and fail safe new answers to the taxing and-which-gin- would-you-like-Miss question that is increasingly posed by London bar tenders:

1. Artisanal produce of the Chateau de Bonbonnet in France, Citadelle is quite simply the crispest gin I have ever had the joy of tasting. 19 aromatics and botanicals make this gin paired with a classic tonic and lemon summer in a glass.


2. Another but entirely different French gin, G-Vine defies tradition using grapes and vine blossoms. June, G-Vine’s newest liqueur, is packed full of sweetness from wild peach and summer fruits and is best served on ice as an afternoon tipple.


3. Finally, Ophir Oriental’s Smoldering Spice variety is even more gloriously intense than its original. This London dry gin is made with Indian black pepper, Moroccan coriander and other botanicals from the Silk Road spice route.


Thank you to The Telegraph and The Hurlingham Club for bringing together such connoisseurs of gin at this event of dreams. Your contributions to the field of G&T are truly Nobel Prize worthy.

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“The Best Emerging Luxury Gin – UK”

Lux Food and Drink Awards




In a recent press release Brilliant Gin Said “We love our bottle and so do you our customers.  Thrilled to see the secondary uses you clever people have put them to from vases to lamp bases they just look Brilliant! So that’s not going anywhere.
However, we thought it was time for an evolution and our designers have come up with something really quite Brilliant.  We are sure you will agree.  Don’t worry nothing has changed with Brilliant Gin, does it make the gin taste better? – you can’t improve on perfection!”


The team at Brilliant Gin have had a Brilliant summer serving gallons of Brilliant Gin cocktails from their Brilliant Gin Bar at all Cowdray Polo events. Brilliant now sponsor the Polo for the next two years.




This month Brilliant Gin has continued to go global. “We were honoured to be one of only five spirit companies to be asked by the British Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia to present our brand to distributors in Bratislava. With the intention of assisting trade influence between the two countries. The moment we stepped on the plane the adventure began, don’t forget that Brilliant Gin is #madeforthespirited. We had a fabulous time and immersed ourselves in the culture, met some amazing people and our gin was, well, brilliantly received. What a lovely city, Bratislava has a lot of diverse attractions and experiences to offer, and we cannot wait to go back.”



This month they waved ‘bon voyage’ to the latest order from their Distributors in the Cayman Islands. “This is our second year working with The Tasting Rooms and we are thrilled that the demand for Brilliant Gin on this jewel of an island is growing year on year. One day we hope to be able to accompany our delicious bottles on their travels!”



Ciao Italia! “Our wonderful distributor in Italy, Moon Import are establishing Brilliant Gin at the very top of the luxury market in this elegant country. Bringing only the most exclusive and flavoursome wines and spirits to the discerning Italian market, Brilliant is the only gin they include in their range. With 72 agents nationwide, you can be sure to find a bottle of Brilliant Gin in the very best venues.

This is our second year working with Moon Import and the pallets of Brilliant Gin are being loaded as we speak.”



“Following on from all that hard work, we found ourselves with the chance to feed our wanderlust, be adventurers, and travel to Vienna for some well-deserved relaxation. Heralded as a jewel in Europe’s Crown this city didn’t disappoint. It is missing one thing though, some Brilliant Gin – watch this space!!!”


Grow your own Daffy’s Gin mint garnish!

Daffy’s Gin launches Special Edition bottles that include grow your own mint garnish seed packets!



Encouraging consumers to use their green-fingers, Daffy’s gin are launching 15,000 bottles that will include neck tags with mint seeds for consumer to grow at home. Every pack includes growing instructions and recipe for the perfect serve.

Daffy's GYO.1jpg[6][1][15].jpg
Daffy's GYO & cocktail[1][1][15].jpg


Whether you’re garnish growing guru or novice, peppermint seeds are easy to grow and germinate within 10 days. Meaning the consumer can enjoy a home-grown garnish in their tipple in no time.

With mint and lime the recommended garnishes for a D&T (Daffy’s and Tonic), including your very own grown mint would complete the perfect serve. ’One night at the distillery bar we were discussing how few things are more rewarding than growing your very own food from seed, so we thought ‘lets do it with drinks!’ Mint could not be easier to grow and with our Daffy’s seed pack, the end result is truly delicious!!” 

Chris Molyneaux, MD and distiller of Daffy’s Gin
Daffy’s Signature Serve- The D&T

50ml Daffy’s Gin, fresh mint, 2 wedges of fresh lime, favourite tonic Fill a chilled, tall glass with ice.
Pour in the gin.
Gently pour the tonic down the side of the glass to retain maximum fizz.
Garnish with a lightly squeezed lime wedge and a sprig of whacked fresh mint.


Daffy’s Grow Your Own Garnish Special Edition bottles are available to buy direct from from the 23rd of April or look out for them in
Waitrose, Harvey Nichols and OddBins.

Mr Hobbs - Henley Gin

"There's nothing more marvellous than a gin at 11 o'clock on the river to wake the spirits"

Mr H.E. Hobbs

In 1870 Mr. Harry Hobbs, founder of Hobbs and Sons (now Hobbs of Henley) and publican of The Ship Hotel was renowned throughout the town for his flamboyant beard and high-spirited nature. He was often seen in his punt around 11am enjoying his home-distilled gin.

Frequently spotted sipping from his unique glass or his wood-rimmed drinking flask, Mr.Hobbs was forever throwing river parties along the banks of the Thames in Henley. He also hired out his boat for the like-minded members of the public to host their own shindigs.

Mr Hobbs' famous drinking flask, which a local boat maker made him as a thank you for introducing him to his future wife, was normally concealed within his jacket in a pocket on which his initials, H.E.Hobbs, were proudly emblazoned. The gin was renowned for its unusual ingredients and until now that secret recipe has been lost for nearly 150 years.

Recently the secret recipe for distilling this gin was discovered in the back of an old framed photo of Mr. Hobbs himself, along with step by step instructions to make Mr Hobbs' favourite drink. 

The recipe is based on the original botanicals with the addition of Orris Root & Lime Leaf Oil for a modern twist

The recipe is based on the original botanicals with the addition of Orris Root & Lime Leaf Oil for a modern twist

Mr Hobbs, a premium and refined gin has recently been launched onto the market by Jonnie and Suzy Hobbs as a unique extension of their family business Hobbs of Henley. The gin is distilled in small batch quantities to preserve its refreshing properties and ensure the highest quality.

What could be better than spending a day cruising up and down the Thames with a glass of Mr Hobbs gin in hand?

How to serve the perfect Mr Hobbs Gin

"The essence of summer in a glass
- fresh, citrussy, delicious" 

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Chelsea Flower Gin

World Famous Store, celebrates its 45th Anniversary & launches its first spirit beverage
Chelsea Flower Gin

Partridges, the independent, family-run grocer and royal warrant holder, is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. To mark this important milestone it is launching its first spirit beverage in May to coincide with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which takes place close to its flagship store.


The Partridges Chelsea Flower Gin has been created in collaboration with Martin Murray, Master Distiller at Dunnet Bay Distillers on the north coast of Scotland, located close to the home of the Partridges owners’ great, great, great grandmother. It is a London Dry Gin containing 19 botanicals including rose petals, marigold, verbena, cassia bark and juniper. The subtle flavour of rose is used to commemorate the historic association between flower nurseries and the Kings Road in

Chelsea, where Partridges flagship store is located. Each limited edition bottle is hand filled, numbered by hand and sealed with wax. Chelsea Flower Gin will be exclusively available in Partridges’ two central London stores and online at - it will also have a Chelsea Flower Cocktail stall at its regular Saturday market in Duke of York Square.


Partridges, the independent family-run food market was founded by Sir Richard Shepherd and first opened its door on Sloane Street, Chelsea in May 1972. In 1979 Sir Richard was elected to the House of Commons and in 1981 his younger brother John, who had joined the business as a student in 1972, took over the reins and is the current Managing Director.  In 1994 the shop was granted a Royal Warrant as Grocers to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and in 2008 John Shepherd, the Managing Director of Partridges, became President of the Royal Warrant Holders Association. The Association comprises 800 firms who supply the Royal household on a regular basis.


Royal Warrants can be tracked back to the 1300s, but it was in 1897 that the Royal Warrant Holders Association was formed and granted a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria. As John Shepherd says “Today, firms that hold the Royal Warrant include grocers like Partridges, wine merchants, chemists, plumbers, mole catchers and dressmakers. The distinguishing feature, no matter the size of the company, is to provide the highest standards of service. Many of them are family businesses going back several generations and form the fabric of this nation.”

PARTRIDGES 2nd SHOP - In 1998 Partridges opened its second shop on Gloucester Road, West London.  In 2004 Partridges in Chelsea relocated to Duke of York Square where the shop includes a wine bar and café with a terrace and indoor seating, a garden to the rear and its very successful and popular Saturday food market on the square outside.


From 2012 Partridges has introduced a range of upmarket groceries including floral teas, chocolates, fudge, biscuits, jelly and a range of gifts. Chelsea Flower Gin will be the latest addition to Partridges Chelsea Flower Collection, its name inspired by the nurseries that once lined the King’s Road and date back to the 17th Century. One, owned by James Colville, stood on the corner of Blacklands Terrace and the Kings Road, about 50 metres from the front door of Partridges.


In 2014 Partridges launched Startisans which helps start-up Food and Drink artisans. It now operate a number of established and pop-up food markets around London where these businesses can sell their products.


In 2015 Partridges was voted Retail Family Business of the Year by Family Business United and in 2016 became a Commonwealth export champion and are enjoying increased demand from the export market for their own brand products. 2017 marks the 45th anniversary of Partridges and the launch of their first spirit beverage, Chelsea Flower, London Dry Gin.

Chelsea Flower Gin is a divine mix of subtle flavours with a mix of made up of 19 botanicals including rose petals, marigold, verbena, cassia bark and juniper.

Signature Serve:
Gin & Tonic served with ice and garnished with borage flowers and rose petals.


To find out how you can order your bottle, click the logo below...

Thanks to Katie Barkshire from PR & Sales Consultant for the content of this article.

Sibling Launch GINcredible New Flavour

Let the winter festivities beGIN...

Premium gin brand Sibling, have added a GINnovative new flavour to their collection of super premium gin. The Winter Limited Edition is infused with Cranberries and Clementine. Luxuriously fruity with a bitter sweet finish, it blends perfectly with classic tonic, warming ginger ale or cloudy lemonade. For the ultimate festive drink, pair this unique tasting gin with Prosecco!

Sibling's triple distilled distinctive gin includes botanicals such as Madagascan vanilla and fresh blueberries, as well as fresh orange and lemon zests - all of which are vapour infused to ensure a delicate and finely balanced, exotic taste. The perfect gift for gin lovers or a delicious winter treat.


The Gin to my Tonic...

Sibling was founded by four brothers and sisters – aged from 17 to 24. They are one of the few brands that distil their own gin – making them the youngest distillers of gin in the world. Felix Elliott-Berry, along with his sisters Clarice and Cicely, and brother Digby, set up Sibling after leaving school. Based in Cheltenham, the young entrepreneurs grew up watching and helping their parents run a micro brewery on the family farm - distilling is in their blood!


Felix said: "During our childhood we spent a lot of time helping out our parents in the brewery; after leaving school we felt it was the next logical step for us all. We use subtle, exotic botanicals, which have become a benchmark for quality small batch distilling and gin innovation. Our Winter Limited Edition gin - with Cranberries and Clementine - is the perfect winter warmer. Try adding it to ginger ale for a cocktail with a kick. This limited edition is sure to cure the winter blues!"


Visit Sibling to find out more!